Fast, Secure and Efficient
Pay-At-The-Table Experience

Build a better customer experience in your restaurant

Improve your restaurant’s efficiency

TenderPOS provides a state of the art integrated smart payment terminal that gives your customers the convenience of taking orders and paying their bill at the table

Pay at Table Solution

you can order, print a bill, and close off a table straight from the smart payment terminal

Faster Payment Processing

Up to four times faster - processing card payments in just 15 seconds

Removes Human Error

Bill totals appear automatically on the card terminal so there is no chance of entering the wrong amount

Widest Payment Options
Accept any payment type

Whatever way your guest wants to pay, Pay at the Table has you covered by easily integrating with our brilliant payment Terminal. From contactless payments, EMV chip, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and more, we support virtually all payment types.

Offer More Ways to Pay

With our pay at the table devices, you can accept EMV, swipe, contactless NFC, mobile wallets, and allow international customers to pay in their own currency with Dynamic Currency Conversion.

Smart payment terminal

Integrate TenderPOS with your smart payment terminal. Bill totals, split bills, bonus points, tip amounts — everything automatically sync with the database. No more human error, no more manual reconciliation.

Protect Every Transaction

Lasagna, cake, crepes — all good things have layers, including our secure pay at table devices. Protect all transactions with three secure layers: EMV, encryption, and tokenization.

Simply Brilliant Pay-at-the-Table solutions

TenderPOS Pay means you’ll be benefitting from the UK’s lowest “fixed fee” payment solution.
Benefit from cheap, fast and secure card payments with our free app and simply brilliant payment device.

We’ll set your account up in minutes and your brilliant business will be trading in no time – what are you waiting for?

No Monthly Fees | No Minimum Charges | No Hidden Costs

Integrate wireless terminals with TenderPOS

Take payments anywhere in your restaurant by integrating the MP200 wireless terminal with your POS software. The most adaptable, secure, and innovative device offering organizations and businesses of all sizes a next-generation mobile payment solution.

Smart Payment terminals with TenderPOS

Take payments and manage your restaurant anywhere with the Smart Terminal. Simply install our TenderPOS system on the smart terminal. You can wander around the tables taking orders and payments at the same time. Drinks orders will print off at the drinks printers and Food will process to the kitchen immediately.

Ready to offer tableside payments?