Set Alerts and Prompts

Stay on top of your cash flow with tools that assist in tracking your cash. Prompt employees to set a starting till when logging in to the POS at the beginning of a shift, and set an alert to notify you when a till reaches a certain amount.

Multiple POS Tills

Gain complete control over your point of sale tills, with features that allow you to quickly pay money into or out of each cash register. All transactions are logged, allowing you to see which staff member accessed which till and at what time.

Minimise Losses and Discrepancies

With cash management, you or staff members with sufficient access privileges can see all of your cash movements throughout the day and have more visibility into what your cashiers are doing. These detailed reports enable you to minimise losses by revealing any discrepancies.

Cash in and Out

Need to buy some supplies? Want to make a deposit at the bank? With cash management, you can record the money you take out of your cash drawer and add a note so you know exactly where your cash has moved that day. TenderPOS will automatically adjust the amount for your end of day register closure.

Cash Register Transactions

All activity through every cash register is logged, showing which staff has accessed which tills and at what times, with data fields to input reasons for accessing POS registers.