Customer Loyalty

Keeping track of your customers is very important, but with a customer loyalty scheme, you can not only keep track of their buying habits but also send the offer to keep them coming back to your shop. With our EPOS system, this is easily done.

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Points, there’s never been a better way to keep customers coming back. Every time they buy a certain item or spend over a certain amount they get points which then add up to create discounts and offers. Can you see the point I am making? Our system makes the loyalty scheme very appealing.

Repeat Offers

Everyone likes a good offer, right? Well with our EPOS system it is easy to create repeating offers. Simply set up your offer the first time round with the criteria that the customer has to meet to gain the offer, and off you go. The offer will be applied to every case it matches.

Meal Deals

Another tasty offer for your customers. Our customer loyalty schemes allow you to create offers such as meal deals. For example, a customer can buy a coffee and cake for a discounted price. Our EPOS system makes a deal like this easy to set up and put in place.


Do you know that every Monday morning the same customer comes into your store and buys the same 5 tins of dog food? With our analysis, you can start to see the buying habits of your customers, and start to target advertising to them. Amazing we know, and easy to do with a TenderPOS system.

Loyalty Cards

With all the offers and deals running you may lose track. Our EPOS is an easy and simple way to keep track of all of these and know which customer is buying what. Loyalty cards can be designed to suit your company with your own logo and designs. With a loyalty card, it saves you time as you don’t have to enter the customer details each time, just simply swipe their card. It’s easy to register a new loyalty card and customer too, just have a new customer simply swipe a new card and add their details to it.

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