Simple and Fast GUI

TenderPOS is designed for fast & efficient order management. Being built on android means we can easily transform from the traditional EPOS till or station to any android mobile device. Order from your phone or tablet, without loosing core functions such as customer management, stock, product information and order modifiers. Combine this with our inbuilt payment solutions and you are ready to make the most out of each and every customer contact.

Hand-Held Ordering

Managing your store has never been so simple. Our APP makes any task easy. You can manage your stock, sales, ordering and so much more with our App that connects directly to your EPOS systems

Kitchen Printing

To send an order to the kitchen waiters tap a button. That’s all it takes to send each dish immediately to the kitchen where it is prepared and to print out a receipt automatically. All special requests for degree or order of preparation are sent as well.
For better coordination or control, you can also have orders printed on more than one printer.

Condiment and Modifiers

With TenderPOS you can easily modify menu items. Options include pre-configured ‘add’, ‘extra’, and ‘substitute’ buttons, or you can add a change to the meal item manually

Tickets and Vouchers

Whether you want to buy magnetic plastic gift cards from us with your logo on, or produce your own through our system, vouchers are a great way to sell as a gift for someone or to offer as a credit note during refunds. They can expire after a number of months, or have personal messages on them. You can even email or SMS them in the form of small code.

Pay at Table

Not only will you be able to take cash payments, but with your new EPOS, you will be able to have chip and pin integrated. We integrate with a wide range of card payment companies, allowing you to make the payments the way your customers want to

Online / click and collect

Reduce your customers’ waiting time

TenderPOS Click & Collect module, your customers can pre-order and pay for their dishes online and pick them up on site. A time saver for them, and for you!

Click & Collect module allows you to receive your customers’ purchases directly on the TenderPOS checkout interface. Orders are paid online, all you have to do is prepare what your customers will pick up on the spot.

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Point of Sale That Empowers

Get started with TenderPOS today and we’ll have you up and running in no time at all, you can start selling today from as little as £20 per month. The whole process from start to finish can take less than 3 business days, that includes getting all the great TenderPOS EPoS and payment hardware to

Sales & Marketing

EPOS system has everything you would expect and a lot of things you may not

Accounting Statics

Our comprehensive Reporting & Statistics section allows you to analyze every aspect of your business


Security is one of the most important assets when it comes to your company

App / Handheld

Managing your store has never been so simple. Our APP makes any task easy

Multi Store

So you have more than one store? Need an easy way to look at all your stores

Client Support

24/7 Incredible customer support included as standard. Most Trustworthy EPOS system