Let customers order and pay
from the comfort of their seat

Build a better customer experience in your restaurant

Enhance Your Business With Table Ordering

Order and Pay is TenderPOS’s integrated mobile ordering technology solution, empowering your customers to order and pay for their food and drink exactly as they want to – at their own convenience, and via their smartphone.

Enjoy Ordering Fast

Through our Order at Table QR codes, your customers can order the meal they want, how they want it, orders will straight to the kitchen

Eat with your Eyes

Online Menus with professional photos allow your customers to get excited about your meal before it’s even reached the table

Who wants to wait for the bill?

No one. With TenderPOS ordering system, your customers can pay their bills through their phones and get up and leave as soon as they're ready.

Never leave customers waiting

No one enjoys queuing at the bar waiting to be served. Similarly, waiting to catch the eye of service staff to take orders at the table is a common frustration from hospitality customers. TenderPOS mobile ordering system allows customers to order and pay for their food and drink whenever they want – without waiting to be served by a member of your team

Never ask “who’s next?” again

At busy times your staff can be under a lot of pressure. As queues at the bar or service counter get bigger and noisier, it can be difficult to provide a great customer experience. Order and Pay makes life easier for your staff as well as your customers. The bar becomes a calmer place to be, and your team have more time to focus on chatting with customers and delivering exceptional service.

Perfect for different customer types

Ideal for anyone who would rather sit at their table with family and friends and order from the comfort of their seat, rather than walk to the bar and join a queue, Order, and Pay is the ideal solution for many types of customers.

Order at Table system works well with


Kitchen Management

Business analytics & reporting

Reservation systems

Voucher manager


Ready to offer tableside orders?