Multi Store

So you have more than one store? Need an easy way to look at all your store’s stock levels? Your best selling products across all your stores? Maybe which stores are doing the best? With our EPOS system, this is very easy with our multi-store management.

Stock Transfer

One store running low of stock? Maybe your other store has too much of that stock? With our EPOS system, you can easily monitor this and then manually transfer your stock between shops. This means that your stock for your shops stays efficient and you don’t overstock.


With our EPOS system, you can set one price for an item in one of your shops then mirror this across all your stores. So you have the same price for the same item across all your stores.


You can easily send messages across your store with our EPOS system. Simply select the store you want to message, type your message then send it off.

Chain Statistics

With our EPOS systems, you can look at multiple store statistics or even compare items from one store to the next. You can look at how much one store sold against another. Being able to do functions like this makes you able to break down how other stores may perform better and mimic it.


All your customer details will be shared across all your stores. This is so if a customer shops in one of your stores and earns loyalty points, the customer can then go and use the loyalty points in one of your other stores. It also means a customer can earn and use vouchers in different stores. This feature is an option. If preferred you can make customer details, loyalty points, and vouchers store specific.

Access Anywhere

All staff members, including managers, have access to their accounts in any of your stores. So if one of your staff moves to a new store, you don’t need to make a new login, they can simply use their old one.