Operator Privileges’

Now you can choose exactly what you want each user to be able to access or which areas/features that you don’t want them to by selecting an appropriate security level. For example, if you have a part time member of staff that requires restricted access, then you would limit them to only access the sales screen and perhaps not be able to perform things such as refunds, petty cash, void etc.

Sales by Operator

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees to build the perfect team. See when they are working, when they are selling, who discounts the most and train them to be more efficient.

Check sales per employee
Plan for rush hours
See the average transaction value


This module was designed to encourage the reliability of staff to consistently be on time and ready for work. Easily manage all staff members’ working times, see which people in your team are most dependable, and use this information when determining career advancement.


A range of issues can make schedule creation a challenge. Whether it’s working around planned time off, dealing with no-shows, last-minute schedule changes, or employee turnover, these scenarios could affect your labor costs, productivity, and even compliance.

Fortunately, with the right scheduling software, you can avoid these types of challenges altogether. We put our own staff to work for you, and now TenderPOS makes it easier than ever to manage, track, measure, schedule, and enable your staff’s success.

Integration to Accounting

TenderPOS accounting integrations, manage your business’ accounts using our web-based API integration. Maintain your books, by incorporating accurate sales from each terminal, keeping reconciliations correct. A big cost for any business is wages. Correctly and efficiently managing staff times and pay is essential to the success of any business. SwiftPOS payroll management features and our POS integration means your business will have comprehensive and correct employee records & control.